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Suzanne Nicoll Handmade Needlepoint Pillows and Hooked Throw Rugs

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2004 Collections
Suzanne Nicoll Sonata Rug & Pillow Collection

Sonata Collection

Suzanne Nicoll Honeysuckle Rug & Pillow Collection

Honeysuckle Collection

Suzanne Nicoll Sunflower Splender Rug & Pillow Collection

Sunflower Splender Collection

2003 Collections
Suzanne Nicoll French Country Rabbit Rug & Pillow Collection

French Country Rabbit Collection

Suzanne Nicoll Toile Rooster Rug & Pillow Collection

Rooster Toile Collection

Suzanne Nicoll French Escapade Damascene Rug & Pillow Collection

Damascene Rooster and Escapade Rabbit Collections


Suzanne Nicoll Vintage Rose Rug & Pillow Collection

Vintage Rose Collection


Suzanne Nicoll Wild Rose Rug & Pillow CollectionSuzanne Nicoll Wild Rose Rug & Pillow Collection

Wild Rose Collection

Suzanne Nicoll Hydrangea Rug & Pillow Collection

Blue Hydrangea


Suzanne Nicoll Red Rose Needlepoint Pillows and Rug Collection

Red Rose


Suzanne Nicoll Fern Mist Needlepoint Pillows and Rug Collection

Fern Mist


Suzanne Nicoll Spring Green Needlepoint Pillows and Rug Collection

Spring Green


Suzanne Nicoll Pink Peony Needlepoint Pillows and Rug Collection

Pink Peony


Suzanne Nicoll Hedgewood Topiary Rug & Pillow Collection


Suzanne Nicoll Chintz Needlepoint Pillows and Rug Collection



Christmas Collections

Suzanne Nicoll Christmas Swan Rug & Pillow Collection

Swan Rug

Suzanne Nicoll Christmas Holiday Rabbit/Reindeer Rug & Pillow Collection

Rabbit and Reindeer


Suzanne Nicoll Joyeux Noel Rug & Pillow Collection

Joyeux Noel


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