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The Two Sassy Sisters's Story

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     Two sisters, Christie  and Tammy , who wanted to combine their love for “all things beautiful”, formed a business venture in January 2002 and called it Two Sassy Sisters.

     The goal of their business was to give primarily, women, the opportunity to purchase personal accessories and home furnishings, which were elegant and classic at the most economical price available.  Just as is true for many of you, they live within a budget and desire to be good stewards of their money.  They have retirements to plan for and kids to put through college, but they do believe it is possible to have a stylish, beautiful home without breaking the bank.  And they are proof positive that it can be done!!!

     It was also their intent to provide a quality product, which would endure the wear of normal everyday living. As women, who have active and engaged families, they believe the home is our ultimate shelter and the ultimate expression of our personalities and tastes, but that it should be a place where friends and family can feel welcome and comfortable. They think the products that they have chosen to offer reflect these goals and commitments.

   Christie and Tammy grew up in Dallas, Texas and were raised by a career-oriented single mother. Three women living on their own in the same house, now that will teach you not only how to understand other women, but that duct tape as a remedy for most household ills is truly a Godsend.  Their mother instilled in them a strong work ethic and the idea that they could do “anything they set their minds to do”.  Both Christie and Tammy have had successful business careers—Christie in the computer software field and Tammy in financial accounting.

     But the one common denominator they shared was to have their own business; to have the opportunity to build a business from the ground up.  Christie is without question the technical genius behind this whole venture, in other words the left-brain partner.  For Christie, anything technical, spells “challenge” and her adrenaline begins to rush.  She builds the auctions, fiddles with the website, plays with the digital camera, and manages the many software issues pertaining to the business.  For Tammy, who always has had a love for decorating and a knack for spotting upcoming trends, she gets to do what she loves the most.  Shop, shop, shop!!!!  She gets the fun job of searching out and choosing the products for Two Sassy Sisters. She also enjoys putting on her creative writing hat and developing the marketing material and strategy.  She’s the right brain partner.  Together, they have a synergy that is infectious, although explosive at times.   When was the last time you had an argument, I mean, discussion with one of your brothers or sisters.  Get the picture?

     Regardless, of the sparks that may fly, family is everything to these Sisters and the flexibility that owning their own business provides, allows them to be mom and wife, and all that entails—church work, school volunteer, mom taxi, housekeeper/cook, supportive spouse, etc.  Balancing it all is the real challenge of their lives!

     So let them know your thoughts and desires. They would love to hear your decorating challenges and the household and personal accessories that you would like to see them offer. They have the greatest customers in the world and love to hear their stories! 

Future Plans

    Christie and Tammy are always brainstorming about new product lines to carry, new markets to explore, new ways to bring you the most stylish products at the most economical price.   In the works currently are a line of bedding products for infants and children, eventually adding a tweenager/teenager line, as well.  After numerous requests for more breed choices in our needlepoints, we are also looking to expand our offerings in the whole dog arena.

     But the most exciting development is that we are working on a partnership that will enable us to bring you fashionable home furniture, with customer selected fabric options.  Keep watching for more news to come!

Business Policies


Two Sassy Sisters have as their primary goal to cultivate customers who enjoy and appreciate the beauty, quality and value of the products that they offer. In so doing, we offer a money back guarantee on any purchase where the product may not meet customer satisfaction. All that we ask is that the customer pay for a 20% restocking fee & the return shipping costs.  A refund will then be issued minus the original shipping costs that were incurred by the Sisters.  With respect to defective merchandise, Two Sassy Sisters will incur the return and replacement shipping costs, with the customer receiving another substitute product or if not available receiving a full refund.  All returns should be made within 20 days of purchase. Please send return to Christie Perry at 7612 Zurich Dr. Plano,Tx. 75025


Our typical shipping days are Tuesdays and Fridays, with larger items, i.e., pillows and rugs, being shipped via United Parcel Service.  Typically the package will arrive within 3-5 business days of the shipping date.  Smaller items, such as jewelry,  are usually shipped United States Postal Service First Class.

Payment Options

The Sisters accept PayPal, BillPoint, Visa, MasterCard, check or money order. Check or money order payment should be made out to and mailed to Christie Perry 7612 Zurich Dr. Plano,Tx 75025 To make your payment process easier, the Sisters now have a toll free business phone(1-866-517-1055) where you can call them to expedite payment and  receipt of your purchase.  They are also available and happy to answer any questions you might have.

eBay and Two Sassy Sisters Reputation

Christie and Tammy have been selling via EBay auctions since 1/2002 and have some great success with some very wonderful customers all over the world. EBay is a fun place to do business but it is also an unbelievable forum for building a reputation.  You might call it the Better Business Bureau of the auction world.  Although, not all of the Two Sassy Sisters' products are auctioned, please join the FUN!  Follow this link to browse their EBay Store and Auctions.  Also, review their Feedback.



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